Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calvary Campground Viginia

Rev. Wallace H. Heflin started Calvary Campground near Ashland, Virginia in 1955. He wanted to provide a place where Christians could experience the presence of God at no charge. Lodging and meals are provided by the ministry. That place is still ministering to thousands of people from all over the world each year. Dr. Jane Lowder, the current director, has been with the ministry for 35 years.

Air view of the Calvary Campground. We stayed in the Pisgah building at right of this view. Pisgah is a Bible name.
Pisgah is named eight times in the Old Testement. "Then Moses climbed Mount Nebo from the plains of Moab to the top of Pisgah, across from Jericho. There the LORD showed him the whole land--from Gilead to Dan" (Deut. 34:1). The Isralites marched around Jericho and blew the trumpets to break down the walls and begin to take the Promised Land.

At the summer campmeeting in July 2010, Nancye and I met Christians from many nations and heard many testimonies of what the Lord in doing throughout the world.

The tabernacle is dedicated to the founder Rev. Wallace H. Heflin

Dr. Jane Lowder worked with the Heflin family in this and worldwide evangelism for 35 years. She has been the director since the year 2000.
There are exciting times of praise and worship in the tabernacle.
At right is the Pisgar building where we stayed on the second floor. There are about 30 buildings on 16 acres.
Our new friends. At left is Thomas Matthew, Ph.D. of Trivandrum, India. Seated on the park bench is Dr. McDonald Imalkop of Calabar, Nigeria in West Africa. Dr. Imalkop is Bishop over 15 churches. He has been in the ministry for 40 years. His vision is to plant, in the next five years, 50 churches in Nigeria that would become self-supporting and self-governing.

Rencee brought the exotic sound of the Shofar to the Praise and Worship at the campmeeting. The sound of the ram's horn is symbolic of the trumpet sound which brought down the walls of Jericho in the time of Joshua entering the Promised Land.

Hear the SHOFAR on U-Tube:

Here with Nancye is Jaya Prakash of Narasapur, India. He works with Canopy Ministries with orphans.
This is Nancye and Danny with Pastor Kallu Sekhar of Andhra Pradesh, India. Pastor Sekhar's vison is to plant churches and reach areas where the Gospel has not yet been proclaimed. His ministry establishes orphanages and cares for the poor and helpless aged people.
Dr. McDonald Imalkop said that the Lord spoke to him about praying for my hearing. We are praying for a complete restorative miracle for me.

This is the dining hall where meals are served.

Dr. Imalkop first met Sylvia Miro here four years ago. She came here from France and has been with the ministry for six years. She always has a friendly smile.
Nancye with Ekourba Yeboah (Jesse) of Ghana. He is now in Maryland and represents the Royale Cocoa Company. Ghana is famous for the quality cocoa beans that they produce. He lived in Israel for some time and his 21-year old son was born there.

Inside the tabernacle, worshipers came forward for prayer and worship.
Flags from many nations of the world hang above in the tabernacle.

Volunteers prepare meals in the dining room for the hundreds of attendees.

"Arise and Shine" reminds Christians to shine for the Lord.